7 Tips on Creating an Effective Employee Training Program

More important than hiring skilled employees is effectively training them. This applies not only to entry-level employees, but for professionals at all job levels. Employee training is also an indicator of your commitment to retaining workers with marketable skills.

Creating an effective training program for your employees involves investing time and money into design and delivery. Contact a training room rental company today. Here are 7 tips on creating an effective employee training program.

1. Identify your business goals

Conduct brainstorming sessions and identify the objective of your business. The consider whether your employees have the required experience and skills to help your achieve your business goals. This is necessary to identify the kind of training they need. Businesses often require training for both soft skills and hard skills. You could need training on customer service, harassment, or specific procedures. Also, bear in mind that you cannot have the same module for diverse requirements.

2. Know the needs of your audience

Gather knowledge about the interests, education, and areas of expertise of your employees. Tailoring training programs requires using modern training methods, which a seminar room rental company can provide. You will also need to blend multiple mediums, including written notes, presentations, videos or handouts. Oral instructions and discussions are also an integral part of effective training sessions. Adult learning is all about training employees using real-life scenarios.

3. Create a training schedule

A training program can take a few days or even several weeks, depending on the complexity and length. Create a training schedule. This can be done by having a training matrix made using a spreadsheet mentioning employee details, trainings available and dates. Use this as a guide for scheduling and tracking. This also helps you book training room rental in advance.

4. Rent a training room with facilities

Do not underestimate the importance of booking a seminar room for your training program. When you contact the seminar room rental company, don’t forget to ask for proper facilities, such as, restrooms, air conditioning, video projection, and electrical outlets. It is necessary to ensure a distraction-free ambience for your employees. Make sure that the place has good connectivity.

5. Appoint the right trainers

This will require hiring an experienced professional trainer to keep your employees on track. You could ask for the service of an experienced manager from within the organization itself. The duties of a trainer include giving lectures, resolving doubts, and providing feedback. Have the trainer visit the place beforehand and acquaint themselves with the facilities of the training room rental.

6. Track progress and conduct evaluations

Metrics can help you track whatever has been covered so far. Divide the entire program into modules to easily monitor what is left. Conducting evaluations over Kirkpatrick’s four levels is equally important. Using evaluation software helps save time and energy. Rewarding employees at the end of the program is recommended. This can be done by giving away a certificate upon completion.

7. Invite feedback from employees

Hand out survey forms asking suggestions for the improvement of the training program can give you quality feedback. You could also have the HR staff seek feedback from employees, from topics ranging from subject matter to training room rental environment. Meeting each employee separately will give you more unbiased feedback. Thereon, patterns can be identified, and areas of improvement can be located.