10 Tips To Manage The Training Room During Training Session

You’ve been invited to give a session in a training room rental. You’re excited to teach others, but you’re unsure how to confidently carry yourself in the classroom rental and manage the entire session. You’ve probably already thought about your topic, the length of the session, and your audience.

But, how do you catch their attention, and keep the trainees engaged and focused during the session? How will you keep everything in control? In this article, we’ll walk through a proven process for managing a training room during a session.

1. Be People-centred

Training is about building relationships. That’s why, when you’re training people, you must keep it focused on them, not you. People don’t care about you and your credentials. They care about what you can do for them and the value of what you can offer.

2. Know Your Subject Matter

The way to ensure you are engaging with the audience and not just lecturing is to think about the questions you would ask in a conversation. That means having conversations and asking open-ended questions to get people to share their views and expertise. Be prepared for people to disagree with you, and use that to your advantage. Ask why someone disagrees with you, and see if you can resolve the differences.

3. Own the Room 

As you set your foot on the platform, the room is already yours. Establish your leadership presence by owning the room. Your presence should command their attention, cooperation and respect.

4. Read Your Audience Body Language

Reading body language is one of the easiest ways to detect stress and tension in a room, and thus helps mitigate any possible problems.

5. Modulate Your Voice 

A monotonous tone will bore your audience. Modulate your voice to convey various messages and emotions to different people in the audience.

6. Understand That Each Training Is Unique

Even though your topic is the same as the previous training you managed, it’s important to understand the different personalities, motivations, and needs of your audience in order to tailor your content and delivery to the right people. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you. Some may pull the trigger to bring out your skills in handling diverse characters.

7. Get Ready for Dynamics

You’ve likely been using the same metaphors and stories for years. But if you use a metaphor or story over and over again, it loses its impact. You need to find new ways to illustrate the point you’re making

8. Dress Appropriately

When attending training events or classes, dress appropriately. Do not wear shorts, flip-flops, or T-shirts. Your appearance can have a big impact on how others perceive you. Show up in blazers for women or a suit and tie for men if you’re on formal training. Wear shoes that you’re comfortable standing for hours.

9. Create a Fun And Relaxing Atmosphere

When it comes to learning, there’s nothing quite like being around people who are having fun. So bring tons of humour and bring it on at the right timing. 

10. Be Careful In What You Eat And Drink

Avoid eating or drinking something that could distract you or cause you to lose focus such as caffeine and food that may make you sluggish or smell bad.


During a training session, it’s important to keep in mind that the training room is an environment where we must prepare ourselves to work through challenges and struggles. When delivering lectures, the above tips will help you manage the entire session.


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