3 Things to Consider While Arranging a Training or Seminar Event






If you are willing to arrange a training session or if you have been arranging training sessions and are not satisfied with the training room arrangements, you should make some important considerations. These days, there are several training room rental services that offer unique and stylish designs for training rooms.

The arrangement of a training room has quite an impact on the receivers. A setting that enable the participant with suitable environment around them will help them absorb information a lot better.

Normally, when you are holding a training in your own office, you just rearrange furniture to make enough space accommodating more people. The layout of a training room is quite instrumental in extracting out better performance from both the trainer and trainees.

If you are training at a neutral venue i.e. a dedicated training room, there are ample services provided to you. Although if you are doing at your own office, here are a few recommendations you should take into account.

Furniture Layouts

Before starting your training session, you should consider some important layouts. You can select according to the need and the people who attend your sessions. You should give a thought to the following layouts:

  • Boardroom layout consist of a large table having chairs all around it. It is mainly for a smaller group of people.
  • Theatre layout has a white board or a screen that is faced by chairs arranged in linear or circular rows.
  • Classroom layout is pretty much like a theatre. The chairs are accompanied with tables.

Pertinent Layout to be Used

Your room layout depends on the number of people you wish to accommodate. Therefore, not only the size of the room is important but also the furniture size is quite pivotal in arranging a perfect training session.

To have a better understanding of your layout, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the strength of your audience?
  • Will there be any group discussions and activities?
  • Is there a need of computer either for the trainers or trainees?
  • Will there be a question answer session?

Once you have answers to your questions, the next step is arranging the required accessories for the participants. To understand how the need of accessories can change, here is what you should consider.

Training Accessories

  • If your training session does not require the participants to take notes, theatre arrangement is probably the best. It can accommodate maximum number of people at once.
  • If the participants require notes, they should be given at least a pencil and a few sheets of paper each for the session.
  • In case there is a need to consult the internet, the participants should have the facility to use a computer and of course availability of internet is necessary.
  • If you are facing financial constraints, you can have two people share a computer for this research purpose. Remember that for such a training session or seminar, classroom layout is best.

You can get more ideas from seminar room rental services regarding layouts of your training session.