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3 Things to Consider While Arranging a Training or Seminar Event






If you are willing to arrange a training session or if you have been arranging training sessions and are not satisfied with the training room arrangements, you should make some important considerations. These days, there are several training room rental services that offer unique and stylish designs for training rooms.

The arrangement of a training room has quite an impact on the receivers. A setting that enable the participant with suitable environment around them will help them absorb information a lot better.

Normally, when you are holding a training in your own office, you just rearrange furniture to make enough space accommodating more people. The layout of a training room is quite instrumental in extracting out better performance from both the trainer and trainees.

If you are training at a neutral venue i.e. a dedicated training room, there are ample services provided to you. Although if you are doing at your own office, here are a few recommendations you should take into account.

Furniture Layouts

Before starting your training session, you should consider some important layouts. You can select according to the need and the people who attend your sessions. You should give a thought to the following layouts:

  • Boardroom layout consist of a large table having chairs all around it. It is mainly for a smaller group of people.
  • Theatre layout has a white board or a screen that is faced by chairs arranged in linear or circular rows.
  • Classroom layout is pretty much like a theatre. The chairs are accompanied with tables.

Pertinent Layout to be Used

Your room layout depends on the number of people you wish to accommodate. Therefore, not only the size of the room is important but also the furniture size is quite pivotal in arranging a perfect training session.

To have a better understanding of your layout, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the strength of your audience?
  • Will there be any group discussions and activities?
  • Is there a need of computer either for the trainers or trainees?
  • Will there be a question answer session?

Once you have answers to your questions, the next step is arranging the required accessories for the participants. To understand how the need of accessories can change, here is what you should consider.

Training Accessories

  • If your training session does not require the participants to take notes, theatre arrangement is probably the best. It can accommodate maximum number of people at once.
  • If the participants require notes, they should be given at least a pencil and a few sheets of paper each for the session.
  • In case there is a need to consult the internet, the participants should have the facility to use a computer and of course availability of internet is necessary.
  • If you are facing financial constraints, you can have two people share a computer for this research purpose. Remember that for such a training session or seminar, classroom layout is best.

You can get more ideas from seminar room rental services regarding layouts of your training session.

6 Keys to Arranging a Perfect Seminar

Training room seminar class ongoingIf you have decided to arrange a seminar as a capacity building measure and worried about arranging it, this article is just what you need to read. It will help you organize a perfect workshop/seminar or training session.

It is quite a need of the hour that people keep coming up with different types of seminars and training. It is much of a trend these days which has helped improve productivity of organizations. It can be safely said that these seminars are now a much preferred commodity in the modern world.

There is quite a liking for seminars and workshops. People are desperate to learn more about business traits so they keep attending such workshops every now and then. This article will help you organize a perfect seminar for your business.

  1. Choose a Place

Choosing a suitable place for your seminar is quite critical. You need to know exactly how many people you want to host. Only then you can choose a suitable place. In case you don’t know any of the places where you can hold your workshop, you need not to worry. There are several training room rental services available these days. Make sure that your venue is easily reachable so that maximum people can attend your workshop.

  1. Plan your Seminar

Once you have chosen the spot, you now know how many people you are going to host. What you share with the audience is related to strength of your audience in a way. When you plan your workshop, here is what you should consider further:

  • Pre requisite skill set that your audience should have
  • The basic goals of your seminar
  • Budgeting and financial aspects of your seminar
  • Duration of your seminar

It will help you picturize your workshop in a way so that you can move on further with planning.

  1. Timing is Important

Sometimes, people complain about not enough people attending their seminars. The answer to that is that the time of your seminar may not be the most suitable. There are certain times of a year when the workload on the employees is maximized so they may not be able to attend your workshop. Therefore you have to be smart in picking the dates of your workshop. You can arrange them on weekends if you like.

  1. Organize a Team

Making a team and designating posts to your team members gives a much more professional look to your workshop. You should introduce your team before the event so that participants and interested people can contact them for information regarding the event.

  1. Draft in Quality Participants

The quality of participants determines the quality of an event. When you introduce the application for your seminar, make sure that you set the bar higher. The eligibility criteria should be strict so that it filters out the best candidates from the good ones. You should go for the pick of the cream rather than the cream itself.

  1. Facilitate and Stay in Touch

Provide all the necessary logistic support to your participants.  Classroom rental service providers take care of logistics pretty well so you can avail their services for this matter. The quality of logistics has primary impacts on a participant’s mind about any event. Also, once the seminar is done and dusted, make sure you take their feedback on the event. It will help you improve and also develop friendly relations with your participants.

5 Types of Training Methods You Can Use








Time and advancement has made a great impact on training methods used today, offering a lot of room for improvement. The need is, to come up with the right technique for a particular environment so that the purpose of training can be achieved. The core purpose being, transferring 100% knowledge to the trainees.

Few most common training methods are discussed below. But do you have a proper place for training? If not, you can get a training room for rent and use most of the following methods there.

1. Lectures

Being the essential element of training, lecture is probably one of the oldest way to teach new ideas to the people, and it has still been one of the most popular and effective way to communicate the message across the audience. Often companies invest in classroom sessions to train their employees. However, it depends upon the lecturer how he communicates the message to ensure everyone understood it. Another advantage of this training method is, you can include most of the other techniques into it.

2. Role Play

Role play is actually the extension of training that is used to elaborate the point, or shed light to certain weaknesses in employees. Moreover, as attendants are given different roles to perform, chances are that the message becomes more impactful than if it had been in a plane story-telling tone.

3. Case Studies

Case studies are the key elements of professional training. In fact, organizations conduct most of the training sessions to handle challenges and hurdles in the market. You can conduct a training with the results of the last year in your mind. The trainer presents the case to the executives and analyzes it as deep as he can. The rest depends upon the attendants what solutions or strategies they could come up with. For example:
• How to increase beverage sales of a company
• How to improve the reputation of your brand, and more
Case studies are normally part of the meetings and conferences in which limited number of attendants participate.

4. Audio/Visual Training

If you’re conducting a large scale training, you’ll need a seminar room rental for this purpose. To deliver the message clearly to hundreds of attendants, you need to design a training aided by audio and visuals. You can refer to real life scenarios, share examples of competitors and take your audience deep down into market analysis. Audio-visuals play a vital role in attracting the audience as well as keeping them focused throughout the presentation.

5. Computer Based Training

Online training or computer based training is still considered to be the modern way of communicating the message. There are quite a few universities and colleges where this particular method has been implemented and received acclamation. The purpose of this training is to deliver the message across cities, towns and countries, making learning fairly easy.
E-learning has been implemented by many countries, such as:
• In U.S, U.K, and Canada, people can enroll online and complete hours of studies, submit online exams and get degrees.
• If you’ve been convicted for DUI, you can participate in online program and complete your training.

Top Tips to Use A Rental Space Beyond Classroom Sessions

4.jpgUnused space or time indicates that the person has gone out of ideas, and that’s what you don’t want as a business owner. Well, most of the businesses don’t have enough space to implement new ideas and benefit themselves, but they do have time for that. Even for the busiest entities, there is always a period when employees have nothing to do.

Businesses that focus on employee satisfaction identify periods when they can make better relationship with their employees. But that’s not all. You also have to show your clients and prospect employees that you’re offering something unique, and there’s no better way than to show them how. Even if you don’t maintain a proper place for meeting, training and seminars, you can opt to rent a facility.

Training Room SG offers great facilities for businesses across the country. Here are some of the ways you can use a rental facility.


training teams

Show the people you have great business structure and best facilities. Train your employees via latest equipment replicating the ones used in your company. Don’t just train your own employees. If you have the right best trainer and training material, reach out to under performing companies and invite their employees for enhanced training. If space is a concern, think about renting a training room for all kinds of training.

HR Forums

In some countries, a periodic HR session is mandatory. Employees can remove their doubts on HR policy and manuals and those who don’t often interact can learn from such forums. HR forums require big spaces equipped with basic furniture and presentation tools. If you have a limited space, get a classroom for rent and conduct HR sessions there.


Make even better impression on your clients with well-equipped meeting rooms for rent. Set the meeting of the board in a place away from work, just to give them a change. For high-profile or strategic meetings, conduct them in a separate place where your business cannot distract you. Opt for rental facilities that offer complementary meals, buffets and refreshments etc. or anything else to conduct a successful meeting.


Businesses don’t often have their own conference rooms, because of maintenance cost. Conference rooms and seminar rooms should be spacious and have everything to keep individuals on their seats for the entire conference:

  • Well-organized furniture
  • Well-planned seating arrangement
  • Latest equipment meant for better communication
  • Proper air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Access to canteen and toilet
  • Stationery, drinks, refreshments, charger ports, Wi-Fi connectivity

Share your ideas and get the right kind of response with the best seminar room rental facility  available in your city.

Informal Activity

Don’t think informal activities and games are useless for your business. In fact, gamification is considered to be the most advanced solution for employee training. So, use your imagination to build a quality workforce:

  • Improve decision making
  • Build coordination
  • Improve abilities to assess and respond according to the situation
  • Build negotiation skills
  • Create thought leaders and brand ambassadors within your team

Remember, you need to show the people you are different, and you have many ways to prove it. Training, seminars, product launch and other such activities give you a chance to interact with internal and external customers of your business. So, don’t just stick to basic employee training. If you have exciting ideas but lack space, don’t limit yourself, consider renting a facility for all kinds of activities!

3 Things You Should Expect From Rental Training Facilities

conference-857926_1280-compressorRunning a business or a company is not an easy task. It requires a lot of efforts, constant learning and training of employees and coworkers. It holds significance due to the fact that this world is evolving with the span of time and so does the norms and values, culture and heritage as well as its rules and regulations. In order to be competent one need to evolve with the speed at which the world is evolving.

  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Are you expecting a foreign delegation?
  • Do you wish to conduct a training session?
  • Are you thinking of conducting a seminar?
  • Are you going to launch a new product in the market?
  • Have you run out of space to conduct your meetings, training sessions and seminars?

To facilitate such entrepreneurs having all the troubles regarding their training rooms and conference rooms, there has been introduced as a solution. Singapore has specially planned rental rooms by most incredible architectures of Singapore. These are rental rooms built in order to aid in conducting the seminars, board meetings, training sessions, workshops, conference or any such formal meetings and various other types of gathering.

1. Advantages

These training rental room  packages come in many varieties. Three advantages concerning with them are as follows:

  • They are cost effective,
  • They offer freedom of customization, and
  • You expect nothing short of excellent service

Above mentioned are the core advantages one could gain by Singapore’s  training and seminar rental rental companies. They are almost spread all around the Singapore in order to assist their clients as well as for their guests. This particular quality gives their clients and clients’ guests an edge; facilitating them with easily accessible location.

2. Customization

The degree of freedom in customization covers a wider range in order to provide their clients with flexible options. There are primarily different kinds of customization offered to their customers, namely:meeting-business-936059_1280-compressor

  • Seminar style rental rooms
  • Conference style rental rooms
  • Classroom style rental room
  • Round-table conference rental rooms
  • Private meeting rental rooms
  • U-shaped conference style meeting
  • Promotional seminars adjustment
  • Workshop set up etc.

These are the few customization options mentioned that are available to customers with much more in the vision of Singapore rental rooms. These are not the only benefits you get to have by renting a seminar room or classroom in Singapore.

3. Quality and Commitment

On top of everything these service providers make sure that when they commit to their client, they also promise their clients and their clients’ guests the security within the premises, temporary lounging, neat and clean environment, hygienic food as well as surroundings, spacious and long stretching parking lots to accommodate your precious vehicles, odorless and spacious rooms according to your requirements, both comfortable and professional environment.

However, the list does not end here. It goes on… along with such amazing packages they have to offer when it comes to lounging. These rental room services in Singapore make sure that when you take their services they also keep in mind the small details that matter a big deal when conducting any kind of meeting at the professional standards.

7 Reasons to Believe in Training Room Rental Services


In countries like Singapore where business dealing and trading are at its peak, people need an adequate environment to deal with their day to day business agendas.

Often small scale businesses have insufficient workplace to conduct their meetings, trainings, seminars and workshops. So is the case with those who are running their business online. Hence, to ease such rising entrepreneurs, Singapore has yet found another way out, the training room rental industry.

1. Experienced Operators

Rental training rooms in Singapore are being administered by people who have vast experience in conducting as well as managing various forms of training sessions. These rental training/seminar rooms have brought the best and most convenient training rooms you will ever experience, at prominent locations in Singapore.

2. Freedom to Customize

The aim is to aid their customers achieve results. Be it a board meeting, a conference, a workshop, seminar or any other sort of gathering. With their versatile management, they offer their customers the freedom of customization. The goal is to adapt their resources for each client, deliver them with high quality, well facilitated and equipped training rooms at an affordable cost.

3. Convenience in Accessibility

Singapore rental training rooms bring with them the opportunity to conduct business meetings, training/workshops in a most clannish, cozy and economical rental accommodation. Situated at various locations in Singapore, making it all the more convenient to access their services.

4. Adequate Atmosphere

Since, they understand the significance of corporative business meeting and how essential trainings and workshops are for clients, they believe that apart from a good representative, speaker or an instructor, right environment is a key to the perfection. These rental training room services are responsible for providing their customers with no less than best of their expectations. It is their topmost priority to facilitate clients with adequate atmosphere as well as technical support for their event to be a success.

5. Diversity of Space

These services are offering various different kinds of rooms according to the client’s needs and requirements, such as seminar room rental, classroom setups and more. The seminar/ training facilities are designed to accommodate guests with comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring that they feel at ease with the event. They assure you the best learning atmosphere in town.

6. Technical Assistance

They make it certain that their clients are well supplied with technical assistance. These seminar/training rooms are sufficiently equipped with the following;

  • High-quality resolution projectors, screens and remote clicker,
  • Whiteboard, flip board with markers and dusters,
  • LCD display screens
  • Efficient and fiber optics ultra-high speed internet connections,
  • High speed wireless internet connection for your guests and participants,
  • Wireless sound system and headphones, handheld headphones
  • Centrally air conditioned environment,
  • Split air conditions installed,
  • Water cooler dispensers,
  • Power supply ports,
  • Well-furnished and tidy restrooms.

7. Multiple Setups

These rental training rooms businesses in Singapore assist their customers with variety of arrangement styles for seminars and training. These setting include; u shaped setting, two types of class room settings round tables and theater type settings.

Bonus Features – Value Addition

In addition to these technicalities, these rooms are fully carpeted, comfortable and modern seats and tables are provided. They assure well-furnished, clean environment and tidy restrooms, with hygienic food outlets, buffet lounge upon reservation and abundant parking space.

Tips to rehearse your presentation

The success of a seminar lies on the the trainer or speaker. It is the trainer’s responsibilty to deliver an engaging, memorable and unforgettable session for the audience. Ample preparation is actually the key to determine the success of your presentation. Here are some tips for your presentation

The number one rule is to prepare. Regardless of how many times you did your presenation before, always remember not to enter into your event without any preparation. Even if you are highly experienced, you should at least do one round of dry run. This is so that you are kept aware of the timing of your slides, and all the succint points. Missing out on some points can be crtical as to your event success. And this will lead to the disappointment of your participants

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare
For speakers who tend to suffer from stage fright and get jittery, actually all it needs to rehearse more and familiarise yourself with your materials. Do consider inviting your friends and family members to review your presentation and ask for your honest feedback. After which, act on the feedback to further improve your presentation.

Use a laser pointer to direct your audience to the points that you want them to. Remember that they are unable to read your mind and will need a visual aid to direct their focus. Also, having less than 3 points per slide will be good otherwise it may lose your participant’s focus. Usually, keep the presentation to less than 10 slides too depending on your type of event.

TrainingroomSG offers you a good, convenient and budget venue to conduct your seminars, workshops and classes. If you are looking for a good training or seminar room, check out our affordable rates and make a booking with us today!