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3 More Tips on Training Your Employees to Deal with Toxic People

You cannot leave out toxic people completely from your organization as they are very difficult to spot. Often, a toxic person would be (seemingly) nice to some people, but deceitful to others. It’s very rare that someone would be identified as a toxic soul by every other member of an organization. But that doesn’t mean toxicity at work doesn’t exist. Make no mistake, toxic people are right there working with you or your team every day, but you cannot spot their existence so easily.

While it’s a great idea to training room rental or book seminar room rental for training your employees on how to deal with toxic people, you should know the right techniques before you can train others. We already shared some tips in the previous article. Here are some more tips.

1. Give it back

If a toxic person continuously heckles you at work, it is time to give it back to them. Set clear boundaries for what’s acceptable for you and what’s not. Then don’t allow anybody to cross that limit. Being nice to people doesn’t mean you’ve to take it sitting down from them until it’s too late. You should rather speak up for yourself. File a complaint, talk directly to them or whatever.

2. But don’t overdo it

When complaining about a toxic colleague or taking legal action against them, however, you shouldn’t be too harsh. Remember, you don’t have anything personal against them. You just want them to behave right.

3. Look for positive influence

When you are surrounded by negative people, you can easily and unknowingly be like them. Don’t fall into the trap. One way to prevent the influence of negative people is to mingle with positive thinking people in your organization. Look for colleagues, managers or customers that motivate you to do great work. Spend more time with them.