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3 Tips to Make People Attend Your Event

Persuasion techniques are all the rage these days. Yet only a few event planners can actually draw a large crowd to their events!

Seemingly, all the planners focus on the same things, such as, choosing a good topic, booking a perfect training room rental, and inviting acclaimed speakers. But winners do the same things the different way.

When it comes to persuading more people to attend your event, small changes can make a huge difference. Here are some useful tips.

1. Find the root cause

First things first, you need to find out why people are not interested to attend your event. The reason could be anything, but often not what you thought. For instance, maybe your seminar room rental is located far away from them. Or perhaps, your entry fees are high. Some of your potential attendees are perhaps too busy to attend an event at this time of the year. Once you identify the root causes, finding a solution would be easier.

2. Make them feel important

Often, emotion is the key driver in decision-making. If people don’t feel connected to you, they are less likely to attend your event. So make them feel special. Respond to their queries fast and show them that you care for their presence. If you’ve loyal followers who attend most of your meetings, give them special discounts. Also, ask for suggestions. Listen to their advice sincerely, even if you don’t think that’s valuable.

3. Use digital marketing

Just having a website and a Facebook page is not enough. There is immense power in digital communication. You need to know how to utilize it the right way. For instance, use social media to create buzzes about your upcoming event. Post videos of event preparation on YouTube. Listen to your audience on social media. Be proactive in audience engagement.

These simple steps can go a long way to make more people attend your events. Just try them!