3 More Tips to Make People Attend Your Event

As an event planner, you may wonder how your competitors can always pull more people to their events than you can, even when you mimic their exact steps. Maybe they have some invisible tactics! Yes, you’re right! Often the secret sauce to success is “secret.” It remains invisible to the world. It’s not that your competitors are deliberately hiding anything. In most cases, the top performers don’t know what they are doing right. They are just doing it. Want to know the invisible tactics to draw more people to your event? Read the below tips.

1. Go the extra mile to know your audience

It’s easy to think that you already know your audience, but perhaps there are gaps your knowledge. Do some research; ask questions; read online to know more about your target audience. You need to know their demographic, pain points, job profile, event attendance history, hobbies, favorite social media platforms, etc. Armed with this information, now you can craft a tailored marketing strategy for each audience group. For instance, students and seasoned professionals often don’t use the same social media platforms. So you need to target the right people at the right place with the right message.

2. Include more games and social programs

Even if you’re planning a corporate event, use games and social programs to attract more people to come the event. Human beings are social animals. We love games, gossiping, and social interactions. Your corporate event attendees are no different. So rent training room or rent seminar room in a city where you can take your guests to city sightseeing tours. Plan cocktail dinners for them.

3. Show them proofs

Just telling them that your event will change their personal or professional life is not enough. People are too skeptical these days! Show them the proof. If you had organized similar events earlier, dug up the stats and show them what percentage of the attendees achieved their desired results as a result of attending your event. Any numbers or reviews that showcase your credibility must be shared with them.