How to Generate More Leads at Your events

Organizing events is a great way to showcase your brand in good light. It is also a chance for you to market your products and services to new and potential customers. However, just organizing an event is not enough! If you want to generate more leads at your event, you should have a proper plan. After you rent training room or rent classroom for your event, you should take the following steps.

Create registration and feedback forms

If you think you do not need to print registration forms for your visitors, think again. Some event organizers argue that they already have the names and contact details of the invitees in their database. But, remember not all invitees will attend your event. Also, there could be some visitors who will attend your event knowing from any other source.

The registration form should include specific fields or questions. Don’t make it too long. Also, create a feedback form and ask your employees to have the forms filled by as many attendees as possible. What questions you should include in your registration form depends on your purpose or how you want to use the date. For instance, if you want to find out whether teenagers are interested in your products, your registration form should have a column for age.

Prepare the venue before visitors start coming

You should make sure that all works are finished before the visitors arrive. You should have some of your staffs ready to escort the visitors to the coffee and snack zones and provide them the press release or event information compulsorily. It is also important to start the event on time. Delay for any excuse may harm your reputation. And if you invite media, you should prepare to welcome them as well.

Talk to strangers randomly

Your utmost responsibility is to finish all the arrangement and keep yourself free during the lunch period so that you can interact with more visitors personally. Always exchange visiting cards and try to get feedback and personal opinion from them. This will help you in generating more leads from the event.

Meet as many prospects as possible

If you want to generate more leads at your event, you need to meet as many attendees as possible. Also, make sure you spend your time with prospects who are more likely to become your customers. If necessary, attend training sessions to know how to identify genuine prospects.


It is always a good idea to send a thank-you note to all attendees after the event. That way, you also get a chance to keep in touch with them and initiate a conversation all over again after the event. Following up with your prospective customers is an effective way to turn more leads into customers. You can also engage your prospects on social networking platforms. Your social networking pages should be filled with event updates and be tagged with the participators. These are some important steps you should take to generate more leads at your event.