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How to Provide Technology Training to Non-Tech Savvy Employees

The greatest fear is the fear of change. If your company has recently adopted a big technology change, it could be a source of immense fear for your non-tech savvy employees. As an employer or manager, you need to find a way to pull them out of the fear. The best way you can do that is by providing them with training on the new technology. But before you book a training room rental or seminar room rental; here are some tips to make your training program more effective.

1. Be approachable

A lot depends on the approachability of your trainer. People learn more easily when they feel safe and comfortable. If your trainer or instructor is not friendly and empathetic, learners will feel intimidated and that would affect their learning. Some ways to improve your approachability is by 1) getting the body language right, 2) smiling more, and 3) maintaining eye contact.

2. Ask questions

To make the communication two-way versus one-way, engage your learners by encouraging them to speak out. To that end, ask more open-ended questions. When someone responds to your queries, listen to them sincerely and give them feedback. Even if you see that the learners are complaining a lot, be patient with them. When they fail to solve a problem, take it easy. Also, resist the temptation to interrupt them every time they start speaking. Your goal is to make them feel comfortable before you can step in to teach them.

3. Customize your training

Not all your employees learn the same way. One-size-fits-all training programs do not work. Categorize your non-tech savvy employees based on their learning ability and preferred style of learning. For instance, some employees may respond well to experiential teaching techniques, while others may be more comfortable with visual learning. Customize your training programs to fit the style of the different group of learners.