Top Tips for First-time Teachers

Teaching for the first time can prove to be a truly intimidating experience. First-time teachers often feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed, frustrated or even isolated. And this uneasiness is likely to last through the initial few sessions. In fact, every new lesson is likely to cause jitters for beginners. One good way to get used to these sessions is to opt for training room rentals and consider mock or demo lectures before the actual session. Here are some more tips for helping first-time instructors with their daunting task.

Learn More about the Target Group

The success of your classroom session will largely depend on the nature of the audience. So, it is of paramount importance to learn more about your class. If you are addressing university students, consider a bit of research about their profiles. This will help in preparing for the kind of questions they might ask and the level of training they would need. Similarly, if it is a training session for professionals, reading up on their qualifications, job roles etc, will help. Just like you will need to plan for training room rental and batch scheduling, it is equally important to plan your research schedule.

Determine the Course or Session Goal

Before you can start planning for the content, you need to decide on course goals you wish to achieve. Determining the goals in advance will make it easier to prepare the course content. Identifying the objective of the course will simplify the process of defining the mode of instruction, the evaluation process to be undertaken after the completion of the course, exams and so on.

Reach out to your Mentor

We all have that one teacher in our lives whose sessions remain etched in our memories forever. It is a very good idea to reach out to your mentor at this point in time to understand what it is in him or her that clicks. Ask more about teaching techniques, preparations before lessons, the manner in which student contact is established and so on. He or she would be the best person to inspire you.

Set Aside Time for Preparation

You can teach well only when you know enough. There is no alternative to preparing thoroughly for your session. The only way to respond to questions satisfactorily is to gather in-depth knowledge about the subject. So make sure you have time for preparing and revising.


Once you are through with the preparations, practice is essential. You can rent classroom and organize mock sessions with similar target audience groups. Holding practice sessions with friends is also a good idea. Be open for criticism. Pick up points for improvement and work towards perfecting them. These sessions are likely to make you more confident and much at ease. You can also record your own sessions and watch them later for more clarity on improvement areas.

Arrive Before Time

Arriving before time on the day of the actual event is the key to delivering a successful session. Plan your day beforehand. Arrive with ample time to spare. Gather yourself, get familiar with the classroom set up, test your equipment if needed, freshen up and be ready to deliver a top notch session!

Remember, being a teacher is a commendable profession where you impart knowledge and skills to those who need it. Be extremely proud of your duties and deliver the best performance you possibly can.


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