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Investing in Time Management Training

time-management-compressorOne of the basic factors of less productivity is poor time management, yet fewer organizations tend to focus on eliminating time-wasters. Instead, they create stressful situation for employees by giving them harder targets. It’s a kind of “win or lose” situation for both, employees and the company which, most of the time, results in high employee turnover. So, instead of training employees on things that can make them efficient, employers tend to pressurize them with extra work.

All you need is invest in time management training to give your employees a chance to improve and reduce your expenses on recruitment, orientation and training of new faces.  You can either send your employees to workshops or conduct an in-house session, utilizing the best talents within the company. For this purpose, you can get a training room for rent at affordable rate.

How Company-related Time Management Sessions Can Improve Employee Efficiency

Before moving ahead, it’s important to know why you should conduct a training session instead of sending employees to general-purpose workshops.

  • You can ask the trainer to prepare the training material based on your company and its objectives. By giving him insight of your objectives, achievements and future targets, you’ll help him develop a perfect time-management matrix and can train your employees accordingly. The trainer can identify potential time wasters in your company and show how employees can avoid them. Employees can easily implement universal time management principles in their work.
  • Conducting workshop in a rented seminar room is a viable option, as it allows employees to follow the training with better concentration and focus. Employees can understand what is required of them and how they can avoid time-wasters for efficiency.
  • Facility providers offer well-equipped classroom rentals and customize them according to your requirements. You can avoid the purchasing and maintaining cost of expensive items, such as overhead projector, screens and modern software used in training.

What Employees Will Discover

  • How to identify distractions and time-wasters and overcome them
  • How to break the work in small portions and get it done in less time
  • How employees can set individual goals and devise plan for achieving them
  • How they can plan individual workday and go beyond their targets by the end of the day
  • How employees can utilize technology within specified limits, and accomplish important tasks
  • What areas they should spend the remaining time, after successfully accomplishing their targets well within the estimated duration.
  • How they should plan when they have unexpected yet urgent tasks to perform
  • How they can further enhance themselves

What Topics Your Time Management Session Should Cover

  • How to organize your workday and prioritize activities for better performance
  • What time management planning process is and how to utilize it
  • How to keep calm in crisis and figure out what’s more important
  • How to use scheduling to keep yourself on track
  • Dealing with distractions and interruptions
  • How to manage work environment
  • Efficient use of technology to accomplish the job quickly