Tips to decide whether you should adopt a workshop or seminar style presentation

As a trainer, one of the main consideration is the delivery of your message. Your message can be delivered in many different ways to your audience. There is no best method but your decision will be based on the topic you present, demographic of your audience and also participating numbers. These few factors will mainly determine the way you get your message across and preferably retain it in the memories of those you have presented to.

There are mainly two kinds of presentation. First, a seminar and second, a workshop style. There are pros and cons to both types of presentation styles and there is no one size fits all model, however the following paragraphs should help you along with adopting the right approach for your presentation.

Seminar style presentation usually is more one way as compared to workshop style. Therefore, there will be less participation by the audience as you as the speaker will be trying your best to get your points across within a certain time frame. Usually, a seminar style seminar does not involve any discussions, activities and the attention is fixated on the speaker. Of course, the time to interact is usually at the end of the session where there is usually a Q and A session to clarify any doubts or handle any questions that the participants might have.

In contrast, workshop style presentation is usually more hands on, involves much more hands-on activities and allows you as the speaker to interact and engage more with the participants. For example, this can be in the form of learning a certain skill like computer, internet marketing etc. There is usually more bonding in workshop styled presentations.
For workshop style presentation, most providers usually minimally charge a nominal fee to cover their expenses like room rental, and also imparting a certain skill set to the participants.

In summary, deciding on the presentation style must take into consideration the objective of your presentation, size of the class, demographics and whether you are opening up to the public or enclosing it to a small community to impart a certain skill set. You also have to take into consideration the amount of time you have for each presentation and whether it is a weekday or weekend also might affect your training.

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