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4 Reasons Leadership Development Programs Fail

The cost of running a leadership training program could be huge. You need to book training room rental or classroom rental, reimburse your employees for travel expenses, plus incur the loss of productive hours.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on leadership training programs only to find how futile they are. This has sparked an industry-wide debate about whether leadership development programs are really worth the time and money. Despite criticism over the ineffectiveness of leadership programs, most industry leaders blame it on the way this leadership development tool is used rather than on the tool itself. Here are some common reasons why leadership development programs fail.

1. Not focusing on the context

There is no one-size-fits-all rule of leadership. Great leaders change their leadership strategies based on the situation or context. Unfortunately, most training programs fail to stress on the importance of adopting different leadership styles in different situations.

2. Focusing too much on theory

Great leaders learn through trial and errors in practical setting. While it may be helpful to know about the different leadership styles, the main focus should be on hands-on training. To that end, every potential leader should be given opportunities to play critical business roles.

3. Not letting them make mistakes

Many employers are afraid to let go off control to new leaders. They do not allow new leaders to make important business decisions. But, what’s the point of giving leadership training to your employees if you do not engage them in the decision making process? Let them make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. There’s no better way to develop leadership skills than by leading from the front.

4. Not measuring results

Many companies run a leadership training program but don’t have a system in place for measuring the results of the program. Companies should organize 360 degree feedback sessions before, during and after the leadership program. It is also important to monitor the growth of your employees in terms of leadership style and decision making capability.