How to Spice up a Boring Meeting

Let’s face it! Most staff meetings are boring and forgettable. They eat up productive business hours, but in most cases the results are not worth the investment. That does not mean, however, that you can do away with your corporate meetings. Face-to-face or in-person meetings are by far the most effective way to foster collaboration and communication and share ideas in a corporate setting. Even in this age of video conferencing, most successful organizations rent training room and organize weekly or monthly meetings. Thankfully, there are ways to spice up boring or dull corporate meetings. Here are some useful tips.

Use visual presentations

One way to engage your audience during a corporate meeting is by using visual aids, such as, presentation slides and videos. Visual presentations make learning easy and fun. Consider using graphics and sound effects for the best results.

Let them play games

Everyone loves to play games! If you can plan a game during meeting, it would definitely help take the boredom out of the meeting. For instance, you can hand out a bunch of toys to the participants and ask each of them to find out a toy that best represents the theme of the meeting. That will surely help you have your attendees pay more attention to the meeting.

Reward them

Reward your employees for asking questions or for giving answers to the questions asked. You do not have to provide expensive gifts. It is the winning that matters – not the cost of the prize.

Book a well-equipped meeting venue

The ambience of the meeting venue plays a major role in engaging your audience. Look for a seminar room rental company that has years of experience in organizing corporate meetings. They should know the usual requirements of a corporate meeting. The venue should be equipped with all the modern tools.