4 Tips for Conducting a Performance Review Meeting

Approaches and methods for reviewing the performance of employees differ from one organization to another. However, there can be a general set of guidelines for sharing the outcomes in the most impactful manner. So, if you are planning to rent training room for conducting a performance review meeting, here are some useful tips.

1. Establish a specific purpose for the meeting

The moment you rent classroom or training room for a performance review meeting, also establish a specific purpose for the interaction. What is it that you would like to achieve from the interaction? Would you focus on improvement areas or are you keener to discuss growth opportunities for the employee? Having a definite purpose will ensure a successful interaction.

2. Share your agenda during the preparation phase

It is also absolutely necessary to share your agenda with your employees at least seven days prior to the meeting. This helps both sides to prepare well for the interaction. As a manager, you need to have all the information that you require for reviewing your employees. Make sure you collect them and study them well before you get into the meeting.

3. Keep it formal

Do not waste too much time in exchanging pleasantries and indulging in small talk. Keep the interaction highly professional, formal and duly focused. Get to the point right away without wasting much time. Considering that performance review interactions are planned one after another, proper time management is very important.

It is important to allow your employees to express their viewpoint. Never override their statements, cut them short or appear impatient before them. It is important to be objective in approach and keep emotions in control. Remember, it is a discussion and not an address. Both sides have to be given the scope of communication.

A performance review meeting gone wrong could result in loss of precious productivity. Ensure a great preparation before you schedule a date and rent a training room.