How to Encourage Your Employees to Speak Up

Many employers and HR professionals often complain that their employees do not speak up at meetings. If you too are facing a similar issue, you may wonder what’s stopping your employees to voice their concerns, share their ideas, appreciate or criticize a new policy. To understand where the problem lies, you perhaps should put yourself in their shoes and look at things from their perspective. You can rent training room or rent classroom to organize employee meetings or conferences, but they will speak up only when they will get a favorable environment. Here are some tips on how to encourage your employees to speak up.

Reach out to them

If your employees are not willing to speak up, there must be a reason. Initiate a candid conversation and ask them where the problem is. When you make an honest effort to reach out, they are likely to respond to you and gradually start to speak up.

Show them it’s safe to speak up

As a manager or HR professional, you should lead by examples. Show your team members that speaking the truth does not have to be intimidating. When they’ll see you standing up for the right cause without being biased or partial, they will gather the courage to speak up.

Reward employees for speaking up

Make a policy for rewarding honest, upright employees. When they speak up, you should listen to them carefully. Appreciate new ideas coming from them and if possible implement of their ideas. This will encourage them to speak more.

Criticize constructively

Even when you think your employees are wrong, you should criticize them constructively. You do not have to accept each idea coming them, but you should be open to any new ideas. Listen to them and give them feedback every time. Destructive criticism can discourage them from voicing opinions next time.