How to Gather Instant Feedback from Event Attendees

Planning an event is no less than an adventure. It requires serious multitasking. Often times, the preparations like finalizing training room rentals, preparing content, printing invites etc seem so overwhelming that organizers forget about the post-program feedback collection process from attendees. Most event organizers are keen to know how well their program has been received. Here are some guidelines for a speedy feedback collection from your guests.

Create a survey with relevant questions

Questions should be simple and to the point. The aim must be to highlight the positives and negatives of the program. Ask them how their overall experience was, how relevant the agenda of the program, how they would rate the speakers, what according to them the improvement areas of the program are, how the check-in experience was and so on. Do not forget to ask them what their favorite part of the day was.

Don’t wait for later

Feedback should be collected as soon as the program gets over. This is when everything about the program would be fresh on their minds. You can hand over forms at the exit, send them links on email or have the survey uploaded in iPads at the venue. The best thing to do is to opt for a survey that’s mobile-friendly.

Use graphics and pictures

Make recollecting easy by using graphic representations and pictures of speakers who presented at the event. Remember, you are likely to get an accurate feedback only if your guests can remember what they have witnessed at the program. Make the survey as simple and as interesting as possible for the guests.

Just like you need to finalize your classroom rentals and other arrangements in advance, it is equally important to spare a thought for post-program feedback collection methods. These are the inputs that will help you improve in future.