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Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Only 15% of the global employees are engaged at work, says a recent survey by Gallup. Chances are that most of your employees aren’t happy or passionate about what they do. As an employer, what can you do to change this situation? Maybe you can rent training room and provide them training on new technology and tools. Or perhaps you should go back to the basics and help your employees see the larger picture/vision of your company. The solutions could be different for different companies. But here are two powerful ways to improve your employee engagement.

1. Provide them the necessary tools

Most employers don’t understand this, but their employees often spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks, such as, logging in and out of the system, signing in to various company accounts, responding to HR emails, and filling out tracking sheets. While those tasks are important, they kill a lot of your employees’ valuable time and often distract them from the main tasks, making it difficult for them to get more done on time. As an employer, you can give them the necessary tools to automate or simplify most of these tasks, so they can get more productive and engaged at work.

2. Give them personalized attention

One common reason for the lack of employee engagement at work is your inability to pay individual attention to each employee. If your organization is large with more than 200 employees, we understand that paying personalized attention could be difficult. But you can setup a system for that. For instance, divide your workforce into several groups and make the manager of each group responsible for interacting one-on-one with each member of their team.

That way, you’ll be in a better position to know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and allocate them the right tasks accordingly. You can also book seminar room rental and organize training sessions to help them improve their skills.