3 Common Event Planning Loopholes and How to Avoid Them

Even when you plan your corporate events down to the last detail, mistakes occur. Maybe it’s not a typical mistake from your end, but the scope of the event changed at the last minute, catching you off guard on the big day.

There could be a problem with your food catering, training room rental, classroom rental, or whatever. The thing is; you should be prepared for sudden changes to your plan. In fact, plan the unplanned for your foolproof success. Here are the three common last-minute hiccups to be aware of and prepare for.

1. A sudden increase in the demand for tickets

This seemingly good news could easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Usually, you’ll have an estimate for the ticket selling. But if the demand suddenly skyrockets, you could be a deer in the headlight. So what’s the solution? It is always better to outsource your ticketing and registration to a third party that specializes in the niche. That way, you save time and energy and can rest assured that any ticketing issues will be taken care of.

2. Not enough food

Even when you hire a professional caterer, you can run out of food if more people than expected turn up on the big day. The ideal solution for this would be to look for a caterer that offers 10-15% buffer on the agreed-upon number. For instance, you order food for 100 people; your caterer will have arrangements for 115. In the event of a more-than-estimated turn-up, this could be a lifesaver.

3. Staffing issues

Volunteers and staffs notifying their unavailability at the last minute is a common problem. Grandmother fell ill, not feeling well, relative expired – whatever the reason – if your staff or volunteers let you down at the last moment, it could be a disaster. One good antidote would be to have a reserve bench ready, in case you’d need them.

Of course, there are many more event planning issues that might pop up at the last minute, and we’ll cover more of them. So please stay tuned.