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Is Location important when you decide on your training or seminar room?

Location is one of the most important consideration whenever property investor wants to purchase a property. However, how important is location when you conduct your seminar or training?

Seminar can generally be classified into 2 broad categories – free and paid seminars

For free seminars like property, investing, networking events, the public are usually invited to attend via newspapers or other forms of marketing like electronic direct mailers etc. Sometimes, some of these seminars may also impose a nominal fee on the participants.

The attendance of such events. can vary because there is no fixed obligation and the participant has not paid a fee to register his attendance. It is quite common that the turnout is much worst than expected by the organiser as people who signed up may not turn up. Hence, experienced organisers will often buffer a no-show rate.

For such events, a convenient location is extremely important as it will attract a larger crowd. For these group of seminar participants, a centralized location with good access to public transport lines and easy parking facilities is critical to the success of the event.

In fact, a good location makes it convenient and easy for participants to also bring along their friends, partners and family members to attend the seminar together. Often, it may also be a case whereby their partner or friend wait at a nearby shopping mall. But just imagine if your event is held at location where it is inaccessible or lack of nearby amenities.

In contrast, the turnout of paid seminars is fixed. These are often organised by company sponsored or private event organisers. Nevertheless, location still plays a pivotal role for these people. Depending on the budget of the organization, a suburban place can be considered. However, organisers of such events must be prepared to understand that choosing locations which are not centralized may inconvenienced their participants unless the organiser has made efforts to study that the participants all stay in a particular area (for example jurong). In such a case, it makes every sense to rent a seminar room or training room at Jurong instead of Town location.

In summary, an out-of-the-way location may leave a less than ideal impression for clients, as the location has inconvenienced them. Sometimes, this may affect the possibility of potential working relationships, deals, and referrals.

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Tips for your invitation to your event or seminar participants

Type of Setting
Is your seminar in a formal or informal setting? For the latter, using MS words or powerpoint to design an invitation should be sufficient. With the advent of social media, social platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedin are also good avenues to invite your participants.

With a formal setting event, perhaps a professional invitation card by using the services of a professional designer may be required depending on your budget. You can still tap on social media to invite your participants and you may also want to consider advertising your event since it is a formal one.

When do you send out your seminar or event invitation?
If possible, send out the invitation 1-1.5 months before the event, this will give your participants time to plan and re schedule their personal events where applicable and inform you of their attendance. Do not send out invitations one or two weeks before the event as this may be mis-interpreted as insincere and/or lack of proper planning. Having said that, it is also not good to send out the invitation too far away from the date of the event as people tend to forget about it.

Lastly, it is a good practice to send an sms or better still, call your participants and remind them about the event 2-3 days before the event. A simple act like this has a few advantages 1) remind your participants about the event 2) confirm their attendance 3) make last minute arrangements where necessary. By doing this, you are assured of a good turnout.

Don’t belittle the small act of a proper invitation, this will ensure a better turnout for your seminar or event. If you are looking for an affordable, cozy and convenient place to hold your event, check us out at https://www.trainingroomsg.com